Has anyone any experience growing buba kush

Hi ive just germinated some buba kush I’ll be growing them in soil any advice much appreciated

Prepare to be HAPPY! 2 of my favorites…BUBBA K and GDP. I loved them so much I left some behind and revegged BOTH of them. I have a personally developed strain and BK is one of the originating genus of strains Used in its formation
Keep the breeze as she can mold, especially late in flowering and drying (cause the buds get so dense)
I would go with a foliar mold preventative (@MDBuds uses a milk solution…ask him). I have my own personally invented nano micelles solution that prevents mold but it ain’t cheap like milk.

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Cool thanks my rh is usually between 38 -50 and my fans are on 24-7 I know a lot or people turn their fans off when the lights are off

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I run mine 24/7 unless I am attempting to seed, I do not want pollen floating…
rh - 80% for seedlings…down to 35% for late flowers…10% increments at major stages
veg, late veg, early flower, late flower

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How tall do they get ?

I train them to 4-5 feet (cropping, supercropping, lst, hst)…that is my preferred height max. When they go outside, I will let them go to about 5-6’ MAX…I do not want plants taller than 6 feet…
The larger the plant, the harder it is to TRIM…I like small plants and can concentrate, especially if I want to seed one, much much better. Large plants are ok if you live out in the woods / farm / open areas. I
am a suburbia dweller and space and privacy is paramount
I would rather grow 20 auto in my tent than 5 large photo…I like diversity, many different strains (day, afternoon, afternoon delight, pre dinner, dinner, after dinner, cocktail time and couch time and BED TIME). Hard to do that when a photo takes up most your space
There are a few Photo that there is a LOVE relationship with
GrandDaddyPurple, Bubba K, AcapulcoGold, Jamaican, silver and white haze, WonderWoman (she is MASSIVE…my largest by far. I will be crossing her with my proprietary strain; Frankenstein to come up with “Bride of Frankenstein”


Im the same for variety I’ve got some triple cheese that is looking awsome at 40 days I’ve not been able to upload any photos for last few days I think they have

Updated website or something

Lmao…’the bride of Frankenstein’?! Love it!!

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