Has anybody found a fruit or vegetable that can coexist

Has anybody in this wonderful place tried to grow any fruits or vegetables than can function with the type of lights we use and not really changing anything with the light schedule (please say grapes)

Tomato can thrive in this environment. Look for a variety like Hawaiian Tropic, Yellow Pear. The are a little more heat resistant but almost any tomato works. Pumpkins and summer squash
Grapes…require about 6’ and love the full sun / light, but usually needs 1 year before bearing fruit. Wind will pollinate, just like for tomato. For Squash / pumpkin, we hand pollinate or just harvest the flowers. I make a Gluten free batter and fry, sometimes filling with meat/rice mixture


Pumpkins!!! I seriously look forward to having a field full one day.

I’ve grown green & red perilla (delicious), cucumbers, and squash, cherry tomatoes, medicinal herbs and flowers. The list goes on.

I grow every year with my little one. He wanted enough to give one / two per classmate. We grew: mini orange, mini white, pink, blue, gigantus all in one garden. I grew them at the edges so the vines came over and out f our raised bed and did not take away any room from the garden. He also grew watermelon and cantaloupe. We would carve them and eat the innards


There is nothing like fresh watermelon and cantaloupe.

Geek out moment: I learned recently that they aren’t true cantaloupes here, but muskmelons. I also didn’t start liking them until two years ago. The smell always turned me off. It was like smelling dirty feet. :foot:

@IraSpaunsble most flowering fruits will work. Tomatoes, melons, strawberries, etc…

Peppers and squash or gourds will work too.



There’s actually a lot you can grow. Lol

I forgot to order strawberries. :expressionless: I sure could use some right now. Potassium issues.

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