Harvest time question

Should I water my plants then harvest or let them dry out then harvest? First time grower. Thanks

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If it was me i would let them dry out if you have flushed them all ready

Most growers STARVE their plants for water the last few days and then add 2 days of total darkness before cutting them down

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Can i ask why the darkness for two days? I’ve herd about it just curious why.

Thanks for the information

Darkness helps marijuana plants replenish THC and terpenes. During the day, THC partly degrades and terpenes partly evaporate. So the best time for harvest is early morning. And if you extend the night before the harvest to at least 2 days, you can (arguably) get more flavorful and potent buds. 72 hours
of pitch black and ice water before harvest to activate its immune system to produce more resin–
to increase yield, quality, smell and taste…improves BRIX score

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