Harvest Time? Big enough?

Snapshot@2021_0427_192228 Hard to tell if it’s time to harvest! Autoflower- Cali doctor- 50/50 CBD/THC- Sprouted Feb 10th- DWC Hydro, Had some calcium deficiency, added more, seems to settled down. She is so dark, hard to tell on the trichomes if I should start flushing in prep for Harvest, Is she big enough?


Nice colors! I am not seeing a lot of amber triches. As much as I know (very little), the more amber the higher cbd. It does look like most are cloudy, (higher thc) but might need a closer shot. Happy growing and good luck!

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So when you view the trichomes do so under a minimum of 60×mag. Those still look clear to partly cloudy. Peak production is when cloudy to amber. Min 10%amber. Personally it depends on what I’m growing for. More body/couch lock is more than 30% amber.

Here is a couple more Pictures! I’m thinking 10 More days!???! I think the Trichomes are clear! Yes? And the pistols still white! Yes? This coloring is amazing!

[email protected]_0428_142007|640x480


Most Pistils are still white. I would not harvest yet.

So, Here she is today! I check every day, looking for any amber Trichomes. Can’t see any. Maybe another week!? Yes?

Snapshot@2021_0508_115341 Snapshot@2021_0508_115436


@Ratagatz from the looks of things you likely have more than another week to go. I’m seeing a lot of milky white but also still a lot of clear. You want at least all milky white before harvest. I’d estimate another two weeks at least.



Big enough?

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