Harvest help please

I’m getting ready to harvest an auto flower Northern Lights. I’ve seen some YouTube saying keep The plant in darkness for 48 hrs. Currently I have the pant covered by a cardboard box. Not having a great place to dry I was thinking of trying to dry in the box. The box is 5 ft tall the plant is probably 2 ft tall if I hang it in the box and put a small fan inside the box id

Yes the darkness helps the terpenes. The box is fine with fan but how about humidity? Ideally it should be as close to 60% as possible

Thanks for your response. I’ve had a couple outdoor plants over the years. First time indoors 2x2x5 tent and the temperature/humidity is my greatest challenge. I realize drying and curing are crucial and I’m at a loss to figure how to regulate humidity in the box. I’ve got a mini dehumidifier in the tent, however I question it’s effectiveness. I’ve thought about using my closet to dry, but worry about smell. I live in the mid South and we’re entering a high humidity time of year. The plant has been a dream to grow and the possibility of screwing up at the last step is weirding me out.

Mike…preferred dry temps are low, like 65°f…and the preferred humidity is HIGH, at around 55-65%…keep AIR circulating. I use a cardboard box…actually a mylar lined wardrobe box…I freeze milk jugs (1 gal) and rotate every 6 to 8 hours to maintain the temp, water in shallow pans for humidity as I live in the desert and our Rh is around 10%…a little hard.
Another thought, I use my fridge too. We have a garage fridge for excess and I place buds in piet tin, not stacked.
If mold is a concern, let me know

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Thanks for your input. Are you measuring the humidity in the box or are you confident the shallow pans are maintaining a proper humidity level? I read one post where you outlined how you built your drying box and my objective today is to get the items needed. Any tips are appreciated and I’m always interested in information on mold. Is Mylar the best lining or would other products be acceptable. Thanks again for responding

I keep Temp / Rh meter (actually 2 of them) in the box. They are cheap…I bought 20 for like $25 on amazon. I have them all over my tent (different zones / heights), my dry box and my germination box
here are some pics of my box…bought the wardrobe at Home Depot or Lowes at like <$20…Mylar from amazon, a little glue, a few pieces of Velcro, my razor knife and painted to finish for additional weatherproofing

and top ventilation / access to hanger if needed. Front door I cut and lined with tape

When I was all done, I painted it with exterior paint. It has been holding up over 6 mos already. I have used it to dry and even hang a light once in a while to add more seeding area when I sprout and need a different Rh / light / temp schedule than the tent


Pretty impressive, I’m going shopping now. Thanks for help.

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