Hard water issues

Getting ready to start up my 4x4 auto grow soon. I have very hard water at 198 ppm. Does anyone have any advise on this. Will it affect my plants? With the hardness comes alkalinity of course and I know I’ll have to PH down. Just curious if it affects nutrient uptake. Also, it it normal to be this nervous about a first time grow??? :laughing:

Hi Daniel,
My Tap water (drilled Well) in Rural Countryside, is also High PPM (over 200ppm) too.

I use Rain-Water for All AF & PhotoPeriod plants…
w/ the measurements at 0 to 10 PPM !

Yes, I will say the PPM WILL affect Nutrient-Uptake to degrees, depending on Soil Composition, or Growing medium & additives.
Here is just One, general ‘partial’ google Search-Quote -
" Why is PPM important?
What happens if PPM is too high?
…Incorrect PPM & Soil-EC (electrical conductivity) can cause salt buildup around the roots.Feb 10, 2020
(google can be a good resource too)

I am now using a Homemade ‘Super-Soil mixture’ (5 or 6 different ingredients (SOILS & additives) and don’t use the ‘Flush’ method anymore… I water just enough to keep Nutrients IN the Soil, and Not have the Nutrients ‘washed-out’… …this works Well, for me :slight_smile:

I am in the Country now, & I have a 55gal cattle Water-Trough, catching water from a clean unobstructed Roof… (I cleaned trough Well, first).
0 to 10 PPM consistently.
(I also use this Rain-Water, to start some Plants in my 40’x80’ Vegetable Garden.

Depending on your Location (city or rural-country) it is fairly easy, to use as Large ‘Surface-area’ container/tray, that will suit your needs, (Update as necessary for your requirement)…

The NEW Plastic cat-litter, or dish-washing Container/trays (or Similar) are fairly Inexpensive… (Wash FIRST & rinse well, w/ Dawn or similar detergent)…

And Also, Yes!, I will say "it IS fairly normal to be this nervous about a first time grow??? … … with seeds at approx $10. each +or-, AND w/ the significant amount TIME (and Research) involved…

Wishing Best w/ your Grow,
Kind Regards, E (AgedPassion)


PH down should level things out so ur plants can take up nutrients

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