Happy with Homegrown

I germinated 3 types I thought would do good in my clime.
100% on 11! Down to 10 due to operator error:
Blue Widow, Super Critical and Afghan all Fem’d

So far I’m Happy with Homegrown, Monk


Looks good @Monk ! :+1:

I too have had fine success with seeds from here.

Keep up the good work and keep us apprised on your grow :peace_symbol:

Nice good looking girls. Good growing

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Unfortunately, HGC’s BBG Auto seeds are horrible!! Complained, they replaced & still DUDS!!

Other seeds have done well

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Look at those beauties. :star_struck: Sorry for being late!

The seeds I chose were not auto, Here’s the progress after 17 days…

Do I still label them as seedlings? Monk :four_leaf_clover:


They are perfect little friendlies beaming emeralds. I think I love them. :purple_heart:

NOT…c’mon, your infants are now toddlers…moving to small child (terrible three’s, formidable fours, frenzied fives…they will be tweeners before you know it :laughing:

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Prepped the Greenhouse yesterday for their future home:

The 6 positions of readiness starting lower left:
#1 Greenhouse floor
#2 Base board
#3 Lazy Monk turntable
#4 Almost round disk
#5 Filled bag
#6 Ready for the season
Some years I sneak one in where the HEPA filter is if not too tall (Intake fan just above it)
Really hot so I hydrated all bags for humidity, Have the fans cranking and am experimenting with the 4th Afghan as a temp test. Even if it goes South I will have 3 each for planting; 2 each in the GH after adjustments and 3 solitaires to mix into the garden.
Wish me luck, Monk


Yesterday was 6 weeks for my girls since germination.
I applied @Mrb53004 's magic elixir this morning as we were 62º and 87% RH to take care of some bug holes and trimmed fan leaves from #'s 1,3 & 5. Should I trim out the rest?
Here’s the untrimmed GH line up:

![#4 SuprCriticalN|375x500]
Here’s the layout:

Still Happy, Monk


Beautiful plants. :star_struck:

Q: Is that algae on the side of your pot?

no need to defoliate here…leave them as is. Mike, if you add a little cayenne pepper to the mix, it will repel bugs. Add a few drops of Dawn dish liquid to the diluted solution, pray the undersides and areas around the plant and use the pepper as a dusting…you will be preventative on insect control…do not go overboard with the cayenne pepper. The soap will dehydrate and living bugs on the plants as my stuff is really for the eggs, larvae, etc…

Yes, well it’s at least an Algae stain, It seems to hang on the brown fabric pots.
I wash and scrub with a brush and let them dry before refilling with new soil.
I haven’t seen an adverse effect in the past few years…

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Thanx Mike, I added the Dawn with this batch as well.
I guess I have another experiment in the works on the Fan leaves.
I gotta be over my quota for this year :zap:

Please give the ingredients to repel bugs, I’m growing outside. At least I’m trying

cayenne pepper (can be capsicum oil --just a couple drops…less than a teaspoon), liquid dish soap and few drops of vinegar…in quart bottle spray…spray area…not flowers…leaves ok but do not soak.

Thanks. I’ll prep and use before sun gets hot.

Have a great weekend

Do you have a quartz crystal around? If so, please put it next to your plants and post a picture? I’m going to bring my tower in and I’ll put it in the grow room. I use the images for connection and I’ll send bits of energy out. Everytime I send packages, an entity kicks up about financial loss and seeds. I would like to Create a map of where crystals are. I know, I’m strange! :v::rofl:

Are you feeling okay? Let me know, I’m truly to reduce stock. I have ability to make to order, so no factory deals, it’s like coming to my house, but everything is alcohol based. If anyone has trouble with substances, let me know.

Be well! :heart_eyes:

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