Happy with Homegrown

I germinated 3 types I thought would do good in my clime.
100% on 11! Down to 10 due to operator error:
Blue Widow, Super Critical and Afghan all Fem’d

So far I’m Happy with Homegrown, Monk


Looks good @Monk ! :+1:

I too have had fine success with seeds from here.

Keep up the good work and keep us apprised on your grow :peace_symbol:

Nice good looking girls. Good growing

Unfortunately, HGC’s BBG Auto seeds are horrible!! Complained, they replaced & still DUDS!!

Other seeds have done well

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Look at those beauties. :star_struck: Sorry for being late!

The seeds I chose were not auto, Here’s the progress after 17 days…

Do I still label them as seedlings? Monk :four_leaf_clover:

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They are perfect little friendlies beaming emeralds. I think I love them. :purple_heart:

NOT…c’mon, your infants are now toddlers…moving to small child (terrible three’s, formidable fours, frenzied fives…they will be tweeners before you know it :laughing:

Prepped the Greenhouse yesterday for their future home:

The 6 positions of readiness starting lower left:
#1 Greenhouse floor
#2 Base board
#3 Lazy Monk turntable
#4 Almost round disk
#5 Filled bag
#6 Ready for the season
Some years I sneak one in where the HEPA filter is if not too tall (Intake fan just above it)
Really hot so I hydrated all bags for humidity, Have the fans cranking and am experimenting with the 4th Afghan as a temp test. Even if it goes South I will have 3 each for planting; 2 each in the GH after adjustments and 3 solitaires to mix into the garden.
Wish me luck, Monk