H2O2: Regular Regimen?

I had some signs of powdery mildew. The common remedy I found from various sources said to spray with milk. “As a last resort” use Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2).

Since H2O2 is just water with an extra oxygen molecule that quickly breaks down into water and oxygen, leaving no residue, and since it is a very good sterilizer, fungicide, rot preventer, it seems that I should spray my plants on the first dry day after rain or high humidity as a harmless preventative action.

Whatcha think?

Bruce…from experience, as much as h2o2 is good, I found it changes the taste, texture and development of the stigmas on the buds which means it does affect trikes…
I did send you a bottle of my solution?
Milk, for as much as it can control / prevent PWM, it is a foundation for mold growth…not necessarily PWM, but mold in general…lotta sugar in there to feed the buggers and the fats in milk so affect the buds / trikes and terpenes
On leaves, great…but nowhere near flowers

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@Mrb53004 I did spray milk and about 3 hours later, the heavens opened and heavy rain washed it (and the white stuff) away.

Not too worried about taste, I do mostly solutions and tinctures, along with a little vaping.

No, I do not have your solution, I’d like to have some on hand for the future.

First cut will be tomorrow morning, my little Durban Poison sprouted on June 1 is ready, showing beige trikes.

I will get you some packed and sent
I just clipped the upper half of my Durban. I pollinated a couple of the lower / lowest buds to try and seed as it survived better than any other strain over the brutal summer I had
I got maybe half oz dryin in a cold storage (fridge - using my solution on half, half plain)
Cure will begin in about a week…I will let you know. I think just got a few more DP seeds, have t check. I crossed it with Frankenstein Auto to see what the kids would be like (if it even seeds)

Thank you Mike. For the first time I am having a problem with powdery mildew. I used the milk solution, but found it came back.

SOOOOO thankful you were kind enough to send me your solution…I will use it now that I have washed all the remnants of milk off my plant :blue_heart: