Grub Worms / Fire Ants

Any successful experiences out there dealing with these two major's? "Fire Ants / Grub Worms"

This year maybe 10% grow left from April. These grubs are going from one plant to the next , I just did an emergency Blue Dawn Drench , I’m waiting to see effects, W/flush on standby…


Cinnamon works. They don’t like it on their soft little bodies, it also is a bonus in keeping fungus gnats away, in my experience. If you need to spray your plants down, use 1:1 ratio to warm water, let it sit overnight, then use.

I feel for you on those suckers. Grow some companion plants. Plant with bloodroot and it will give them a job to do.

I do have cinnamon , These grubs are a bit deep, I’m guessing a cinnamon drench like a “Break” between plants may not be so effective as a direct hit with the dust.

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My mistake. I wasn’t considering the grub worms. Cinnamon is for the ants.

Honestly, I haven’t grown cannabis outside yet, so I can answer to the grub worm thing. I’d like to say mix some diatomaceous earth with the dirt, but hopefully someone with more experience can assist.

Maybe @Rye can help?

Appreciate the thought,

This was the first time grubs made an appearance in 14 Yrs of outdoor.
They sure made next years hit list.

Welcome to the forum @Rebster, Grubs can be controlled with beneficial nematodes. Heterorhabditis bacteriophora or Steinernema riobrave varieties, which are completely safe for use around plants, people and pets. These beneficial nematodes kill many other garden pests besides grubs. It may take a week or two to see results after introducing the culture.

If you’re only facing a minor grub infestation, try mixing one part lemon-scented dish detergent with 2 parts water. Spray the soil with this mixture. The lemon detergent irritates the grubs and makes them climb to the surface of the dirt. Then you can hand-remove them and discard.

I believe your answer will ring the bell against most in ground issues I have each year. Bonus is fire ants are named in the control…
Must of dug over 20 of these beast yesterday. County Fair material I’d say.

Cant thank you enough

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I’m sure somewhere that would be considered a delicacy.

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I’m good with a lot of things, but those are creepy.