Growing without nutrients

Does cannabis really need much supervision? Just curious if you plant the seeds and give them sun and water if they will just grow. I have 12 gelato plants as a first time grower and so far so good.

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Soil naturally contains nutrients for any kind of plant to grow in. Depending if your existing soil is relatively fresh, or has had things growing in it for a while, depleting the natural nutrient make up, you may HAVE to add nutes.

Cannabis can grow in many conditions, even harsh ones, and give a yield, but adding the proper nutes for each stage of growth makes for healthier, hardier, bigger yielding plants and more potent bud.

It’s always worth the effort to baby them and give them some TLC!

But, yes you can just plant and water them if you want

Ty I’m a huge gardener but with plants and flowers. I wanted to try and grow cannabis just for fun and now I can’t stop loving how they grow.


Treat your plants well and they will treat you well :+1::v:

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You can set your soil up before you plant to help minimize the amount of things you need to do during the entire cycle. Done right, you can just add some amendments to your soil after your grow and put another plant right in. Sometimes some early prep helps you keep it simple later.


My stepdad grows every year he buy’s the miracle grow and all he does is water with pretty good out come