Growing up budzzzzzzz

This is a random I planted back in February on the 22nd thinking it’s a auto because of how fast it grew let me know if I’m on the right path to greatness thanks IMG_20210419_160341~2|404x500

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Well: All I can tell is - it’s a Female. So yes - you’re on your way.

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It looks like an auto but even photoperiod plants can flower this early if the container is too small. Either way, you got a girl and she is pretty…doesn’t matter now what she is except GROWING…

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Yeah I have her in a 5 gallon fabric all my other autos are in 3 gallon fabric pots

I grow my auto’s in same sizes…I start in 1 gal and transplant to 2 or 3 or even a 5 when they have great growth…I did a batch of GSC auto and with transplanting was able to starve off harvest for over 4 months…Got better than 6 oz per plant between a 3 and 5 gal…FOr an auto, I am happy with that