Growing Season Ending

I am growing photoperiod plants in NY state - zone 6A.

  • The plants started flowering on it about 8/21 (6 weeks flowering)

  • The plants show little sign that they are dying for the season

  • Approximately 80% or more of the trichomes are cloudy. Hardly are amber.

  • Nighttime temps are in the upper 30’s and 40’s with frost warnings.

Should I sit tight and leave the plants until the begin to start dying for the season?

Will frost ruin buds?

Thank you.

Hey, Larry, welcome to the forum!

My preference is cloudy trichomes just starting to turn amber, but I like an energetic high. The more amber, the more lazy stoned effect.

The plant will survive a light frost, but a hard frost will kill it. Best to harvest before that happens.

If it were me, I’d harvest half and risk the rest. I have heard that death by frost is not bad for the quality, but I’d be nervous.

You can cut down the plant branch by branch, you don’t need to cut the whole plant at once.

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