Growing outside in southern climates

Can someone please tell me which seeds would grow best in southern climates? I live on a island about the same latitude as Jamaica called Roatan.

Welcome John…
So your dry season is now through June…but what is the humidity at your grow area? Will it be inside or out?
Sativa genetics are best strains for hot humid climate conditions. Kyle has “STRAWBERRY COUGH” seeds here and they are well suited for tropical areas. Haze and Kush that are heavy Sativa stains will fare you well

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Thank you for your information as every bit helps.
We are humid here all the time as we have short
rains even now an the next day could be in the 90’s.
I thought the same about Sativa seeds but now so
many are hybrids. I’ll look back again at the seeds you recommended.

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My pleasure…I know the area. I hung in the Caribbean as a younger man…I actually went into the fish business and wanted to live down there in NON Hurricane season…On the beach

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I have been here for over 19 years smoking Jamaican all that time. Love it here but the religious population on the mainland will never legalize it here in Honduras. The Bay Islands are a world away from life on the mainland thank god.

Lambs bread is one of my all time favorites…I was introduced to it back in the 80’s when I visited the blue mountains in Jamaica…I have Jamaican growing in my tent right now.

I used to like it there back in the 70’s but it got where you were just worn out but hangers on.
And thank you for the information as most of that was my thoughts on seeds. But I never got an answer form the sellers.

Sellers? Not sure whom you are speaking of. We have a Live Q&A coming up with Kyle soon, if that is who you mean. We are member supported here in the community