Growing outdoor in Oregon Gelato 25 x Dosidos Clone (Archive) Carl Sagan are they ready?

Growing outdoor in Oregon Gelato 25 x Dosidos Clone (Archive) , Carl Sagan
I don’t know if they’re ready yet. I would like opinion this is the first grow I’ve done. I’ve used a Sensi bloom for the last week. I can also get close-ups of the plants if needed. all photos currently.

That top looks good. I could not access the google drive to view the rest. Happy harvesting!

It should work now.![r

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Look around those sugar leaves, if there aren’t many new growing pistils she is almost ready. If there is substantial new growth, wait it out and watch her change with the season! Happy growing!

Does it look Good to you? I just wish I could get this growing thing down lol.

Very healthy plant! What would worry me about harvesting is that your fan leaves haven’t started to yellow which is USUALLY a good sign you are close. I prefer a zombie stone, you know, the kind where you don’t know where you are and could care even less? :joy: that is my take.


There has been yellow leaves. We cut em off. Are you looking for friends

As you see here, green is go and red is stop. The green is ready and red is not. It isn’t an exact science and easy to second guess yourself. The sugar leaves will mature quicker so I try not to look too much at that. What I really look for is what is in red and some half good pics to zoom in on the triches. Hope this helps!

Right I am thinking that they might be stopped but I not sure it looks like more of a brown mixed your color to me that I’ve got going on. I am also looking for friends to collaborate with.

The one is a clone, correct? Did the mother plant have yellowing before harvest? If your pistils have stopped and are browning, you are ready to go. The bud in pics looks good and ready also, the leaves around it suggests otherwise but who smokes those? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Right lol. Yes they’re both clones. Would you say let them go longer or no?

I, personally, would let them go and check multiple times daily. I would hate for a bug or fungus to affect them after all the time spent. Water and sugars should be about all you need! Good luck!

Right another thing, my dosidos is showing white still but been growing it since 420.

thank you.



Frosty! Looking good, I would say the same time frame possibly a week longer.

No worries Beckytiger, it gets easier each grow.

Looks awesome keep up the good work :+1:

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