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Kyle Kushman - The Indoor Cannabis Grow Expert! One of our Cultivars with Character, Kyle is known for his Strawberry Cough, cannabis journalism at High Times Magazine, his legendary Beginner’s Guide to Growing Marijuana, 13 Cannabis Cups AND his Supercropping Techniques to maximize your cannabis yields!

Nate Hammer - Kyle’s Cannabis Partner, our resident grower and one of the most legendary filmmakers and show hosts in cannabis! He will be our show’s host packing in as many cannabis questions for Kyle and Parker

Parker Curtis - Homegrown’s lead resident grower, marijuana ninja, and overall cultivar GURU!

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Can you really get rid of Powdery Mildew and if so what is the best product or home remedy to use?

I grow outdoors in Va. I have some problem in the fall about the time my plants begin to bud with mold. What should I do to prevent? I remove the bottom leaves but not sure about using a spray?

What about flushing using organic soil? Necessary?

Hey Kyle do you think the spectrum of light Givin effects yield or growth significantly?and should I use more red light after I flip to flower?

Last year I planted a fem seed directly in a garden bed and the plant grew to a little over 6’ before flowering, but this year I started some fem seeds in pots and as soon as they hit about 18" they started to bud. I was chasing the sun around the yard daily and they were definitely getting more than 12 hours of light, so I am just really confused as to why the flowering started. How do I make sure this doesn’t happen again?

Looking for tips on peak harvest times

when do i need to start using nutes (vegamatrix) on a autoflower that i transplanted from a solo cup into a mix of 1/3 pro mix 1/3 ocean forest 1/3 of strawberry fields to a 3 gallon pot?also when you give the flower time (ex 8-10 weeks)do that mean 8-10 weeks until harvest or 8-10 weeks once flowering starts to harvest?

Question for Flowering indoors … Do you do anything in the last weeks of Flowering to imitate outdoor environments like Fall ,Winter, months b4 Harvest ???

Example: adding cold water or ice water etc… Drop the Temperature/RHumidity ETC.???

And could you touch on defoliation In VeG And Flower. Like how you do it ?? And what # weeks you do it in??? ???


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What’s you guys’ take on using Mylar to reflect light back to plants in a homemade grow room?

Please dont cut off my question this time :joy::joy::joy: I’ll enclose a few pictures to show what I’m referring to but it appears as though one of my plants is having a bit of a hard time with her watering cycle. She looks like I overwatered a bit but I’ve been letting her dry till it feels light when lifting the pot. whats the easiest way to figure out the watering cycle or is it just trial and error?

My white widow/crystal meth autos are on week 8 and should be ready in 2 to 3 weeks according to your site…when should I flush the plants to get them ready for harvest? What is the best method? I am growing in 5 gallon fabric pots w/ ocean forest soil in a 4x4 with 300 watt LED. Wanted to post pictures but says they are too big. Thanks guys!!

How often do you top dress your plants outdoors and at what ratios? Thanks!