Growing Live #8 with KYLE KUSHMAN! - April 14th, 6:00pm PST

:strawberry:Kyle Kushman - The Indoor Cannabis Grow Expert! One of our Cultivars with Character, Kyle is known for his Strawberry Cough, cannabis journalism at High Times Magazine, his legendary Beginner’s Guide to Growing Marijuana, 13 Cannabis Cups AND his Supercropping Techniques to maximize your cannabis yields!

:zap:Nate Hammer - Kyle’s Cannabis Partner, our resident grower and one of the most legendary filmmakers and show hosts in cannabis! He will be our show’s host packing in as many cannabis questions for the expert, Kyle, himself!

Get those doobies rolled, bowls packed, heat up your dabs and have your popcorn ready because these Live Q&A’s only get better and better! :smiling_imp:

The best part is… YOU get to ask the questions! What am I saying here? You know the deal!

To take part, RSVP to this facebook event AND SIGNUP to our forum as a user and post your questions as a reply below.

Cheers and Happy Growing!


My Question for Kyle is : In your Opinion, What is the Easiest, Hardiest, Heavy Yeilding Auto Strain on the Market?

Kyle & Nate whats your current favorite strain?! :evergreen_tree: :heart_eyes:

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As an Illinois medical patient I am allowed to grow no more than five plants. So, what is the best way to store seeds so as to ensure viability for one to two years or more. Thank you.

I just ordered OG Kush Autoflower seeds from you guys and will start my first Auto grow outside on 420. It will be in the 90’s every day and lots of rain in afternoons (Florida). Any tips, better strains for next time? I could put therm in my screened in porch/pool if Florida sun is too strong for autos.

Hey Kyle, I’m new to growing, not consuming, just to growing.
I’ve been suffering through the typical newbie mistakes of overfeeding and overwatering. I’m just starting my 5th grow, 4 of which were Black Jack auto SWEET! …
I’ve learn a little about pheno types and the vary one strain can yield.

Since ph is a universal problem for all grower and something you should monitor, little has been shared about just what our run off should look like. I’ve had situations where the run off was high as well as low, I mean real low. I was initially going though quarts of ph adjusters but now it’s a few millimeter per feeding.
Obviously radical swings in run off is a sign of other problems and one you’ll have to figure out. What should be an acceptable swing (range) in the ph from what was applied to what is discharged?

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Hey Kyle! I want to create my own strain. Is it possible to keep a pheno type by making feminized seeds from that plant?

I am curious on making sure I stay organic. I grow autos so right now I am using molasses and liquid kelp On my plants, no complaints. But are there other things I can do to boost yield and stay organic? I am growing in ffof soil.

Hi Kyle :grin:, question is: how can I temporarily ventilate my grow room? I’m waiting for some help in putting in the intake/exhaust vents I need but have plants ready to be put in the grow room now.

What week, in flower, should I stop defoliation?

My seedlings are 4 days old, in cups, and are very tall ( 3+ inches) with no real leaves yet. When can I plant them in the ground. They are kind of tipping over because of their length. I sure hope I can get them to grow properly.

Hey Kyle and Nate!! My name is Cheryl and I attend the “Cleveland School of Cannabis” in Ohio. I would like to know if there are any courses that teach Veganic Cannabis Cultivation. If so could you please share them with me? Thank you so much!!

Keep them cool, dark and dry and they will keep for at least 10 years.

Whats growing on everyone?

I am a preferred indica smoker. Which indica strain gives you the heaviest high and is the couch-lock champion?

Also I’m currently week 9 of flower with my GSC. Will I achieve the same effects as I did with my previous indica grow? And how important is it to see amber tricomes before you harvest?

Thank you to everyone!

How do I watch this without joining Facebook?

What is your opinion on Foxfarm Dirty Dozen Nutes? I grow in coco.

I grew 3 autoflower plants and 1 Regular plant. I thought I did everything right but when I harvest my plants I got 11/4 ounce from my regular plant and each autoflower plant produced about 1/2 ounce . My buds were extremely small like popcorn buds. My question is what can I do to grow bigger buds?

Am I over pruning these ladies?

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@Kushman Why dont skunk taste or smell like skunk used to? Same goes with white widow?

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