Growing HGCC blueberry lemon kush

I had a rough time germing these seeds a few months ago. I tried three, soaking in peroxide and water solution 24 hours and then paper towel method. I decided to throw the rest of them under paper towel method. Two days in, 7% germination. I am hoping they are slow starters but have the rest of my dee-lite autos showing 1/2” root. I will update the post.

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try this…put seeds in fridge for 3 days. Add milk or molasses to the h2o2 / h2o soak…just an old timers trick. We used to add kelp too…only a few drops
Old seeds lose some of their store sugar so we try to replace. We also scratch the seed surface gently to get off some of that waxy coating.


Well, after trying extra sugars and refrigeration, I have a 0/9 popped. Not a strain for me, apparently :joy:
Edit: 1/12 total. I had one early on sprout then :skull_and_crossbones: