Growing Fotos full season

They went on the dirt April 1st.

These I move into the tent and flip.

These I intend to take out to full, seasonal harvest. I.e. Sept/Oct.

I’ve grown Fotos before but always in a tent. I have two in the tent right now that I expect to harvest in a couple of weeks. I am also going to move the two on top into the tent when those are harvested.

I want to take out the bottom two full season. I am in the North Georgia mountains on my own 18-acre mountain spread. The growing conditions are ideal. I want to see how big of a beast I can grow!!

So, here are my concerns.

  1. Are my pots large enough? My rule used to be "if the leaves and branches are hanging well over the sides, it is time to report. That is because the canopy follows the root-ball and I don’t want root entanglement. I use MixASoil and intend to amend the soil in the tent plants after harvest to allow me to double my pot size. (MixASoil sells amendment packs)
  2. Though they normally grow outdoors, I move them into the greenhouse when storms are coming. We get super storms and hail here!
  3. Will nature work with me? Come this fall, can I expect the natural sunlight to diminish enough to flip them? We get some chills in October but rarely see a frost until mid-November but there are always exceptions!! That is where the greenhouse comes in. I can manage frost as long as I can fit them in the greenhouse. The center roof is 6 feet. The door is only three feet wide. I also have a garden shed nearby or even the garage if worse comes to worse.
    Can I be sure they will flip in the fall? This is Georgia-not Connecticut. Winter comes late here.
  4. I would not mind moving them into a raised bed so they can spread their roots without restriction but then I lose the mobility advantage. I could build the raised bed in the greenhouse, but it knocks down too much light, I think. Should I stay with pots or the raised bed. If I wait until close to flip and then bed them in the greenhouse since the light will be diffused in there?
  5. How large can I expect these to get?

I know I am asking a lot but I am interested in others who have grown full season fotos.

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Unfortunately, living here in Tropical weather with Shorter days and Summer Year Around we have just 13:25 hr of day light on the longest day of the year that has passed already! My plants will Flower without supplemental lighting! So the day light will be your determining factor not the cold weather in my opinion. But check with some growers closer to your location. I am south of the Gulf of Mexico

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