Growimg techniques

What tyoes of training so you use and what is the fertulizer you are running?

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I use LST “low stress train”. Coupled with Nectar of the gods and bloom yellow. With other organic powdered supplements.- Organi

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For autos LST only, maybe some very light defoliation at the end of veg, just what’s blocking bud sites.

As for ferts/notes, that’s a tricky question with lots of variables. Organic/veganic/chemicals what are you comfortable with? Are you growing in soil, coco, hydro, hybrid? What are your goals quanity or quality? And of course the most important, what’s your budget?

You’ll get a ton of different answers. Most of us prefer organic and some dabble in veganic. But the most important thing is for you to be comfortable with what you decide is right for your grow.

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I use lst, super cropping , n leaf strips . I am a soil grower n use cyco nutrients platinum series line up

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LST and lollipopping is my go to!


LST is always a good way to go for beginners. I am one. Its what i do. And i use FoxFarm Grow big 6-4-4 solution once a week.

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@bbbbgggg4444 LST is a must hands down! I use all of the fox farm products and they work great! Just use half the recommended amount and your good to go brother

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I am a huge believer in lollipopping. This increases your plants growth to the top colas reducing the chance of popcorn nugs!