Grow Update -- White Widow Auto -- Thoughts

Well, after really messing up in the first two weeks, my girls are in pre/flower mode. They are not very big yet – I think I cost them 2 weeks of extra time. I’ve got PAR at about 550, 24 in. from light, full-spectrum. They have taken well to LST, defol and nutes. Giving 1/3 dose of Growtime Standard, about two liters of water each. Do they look too defoled to you @MDBuds @DollarBill @Daddy1971. I tried to really open them up so all buds could get good light.
Where should my head be at, at this point? Just started week 6. Some of my 2nd grow at start of 4 weeks have almost caught up to these.


Nicely done my friend happy growing @GrnyGrows

Hooray – that makes me happy. I’m less of a nervous wreck (well, at least 50% of the time).

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@GrnyGrows they look good. It’s time to switch over to the flower nutes now and maybe some of the plant booster. It’s also safe to lower the light now to around 700 ppfd at the canopy and raise the light an inch or two every other day as they start the flower stretch.

Excellent. Can I mix boost and flower nutes into the same feeding/watering? I was just checking all the lights to boost them and find that groove. You’ve been amazing helping me… I’m so grateful for you.

@GrnyGrows yeah you can mix them together. I personally use half the recommended dose for both of them and it’s worked well for me for my autos.

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Very cool. I’ve been using 1/3. Think I’ll bump to 1/2 since they seemed to do well with it. I gave nutes on 3-26, do I need to wait a few more days, or can I nute them up on the next watering?

@GrnyGrows yeah wait a few more days and do the weekly feeding.

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Thanks a million guru of grow.

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