Grow log is a must

Keeping a grow journal is the best tip I could give any grower on this site. It is the only way you will up your grow game and not repeat mistakes. Or remember details about a strain 10 years ago without a brain haze.


@Noddykitty I have mine ready for the breeding season. Have 3 set aside for the new ones and a few already scribbled in waiting for r1 to finish and some waiting on f2/f3.

I have 2 full notebooks just full of my progeny tests up to p3 for one of my crosses. Thank baby jebus I found a good male and female in p3 to go r1. :joy:

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I get the r1 was selfed. But does the p3 mean 3rd filial generation of the f(x) hybrids? 3rd progeny? By crossing brother and sister f(x)?

@Noddykitty in my notes r1 is regular 1 same as f1. It’s the cross of 2 parents making a new line. Same as crossing 2 different fems for f1.

My p3 is what I named the male progeny. I had 3 males selected to cross with the mother. P1 was male 1 progeny, p2 was male 2 progeny, and p3 was male 3 progeny line.

So I bred each male with the mother and went through each line to find a male and a female that were up to snuff to choose as my r1 line.

My p3 line gave me the best male and female of the cross so I bred the p3 male and selected mother to make my r1 line. Next generation of that cross will be r2.

I only use f when I feminize even though I know it means filial because it helps me keep my chicken scratch notes straight and I can keep record easier of which lines are regular and which lines are fem.

When I label my bags after i collect seeds though I use a similar system but more detailed.

A reg f1 line would look something like AxB f1r.

A fem f1 line would look like AxB f1f.

A self line would look like AxA s1.

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That makes perfect sense. Now we are talking the same language. :+1:

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Goodnight @MDBuds. It’s been great chattering with you. I just realized how late it has gotten. :scream_cat:

I use one as well, Yet I forget to use one., if that makes sense.

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@CkNugz I do the same. I’m great with my breeding journals but I forget about my normal grow journal because I’m hyperfocused on the breeding. I need to get a waterproof or water resistant one to just leave in the tent for the day to day logs. Lol

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Yeah it’s like the KK x Ckn (f2) which the (F2) is the ckn, but it became an (f1) with it being crossed with KK…, or like Gelato ® being crossed with starkiller(F) which became a ® (F1), if that makes sense., Now it gets tricky once you go past (F2), most people dont go that far.

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@CkNugz each new cross is f1 though. That part is pretty easy. Doesn’t matter what filial line each plant is if they’re a different genotype. For example A auto f5 x B auto f4 would still be AB auto f1 and as stated in your example.

Now if you are backcrossing and inbreeding instead of outbreeding the easy fix is to just use bx instead of f.

So A auto f4 x A auto f2 would become A auto bx1.

Getting passed f2 isn’t too tricky if you choose your phenotypes properly. It just goes to f3, then f4, then f5 etc…

The reason most people don’t is because they accidentally end up breeding in weaknesses too so they stop at f2 to maintain vigor before inbreeding depression sets in. (With fems that is. It’s much easier with regs.)

But, that’s what backcrossing or outbreeding is good for to bring back some vigor and avoid inbreeding depression and issues that come with compound feminization.

That’s also why you don’t baby your crosses as you breed. You want them stable, homologous, and predictable but you also want them hardy.

This is why I’m so brutal with my breeding. The breeding tent gets no love aside from water and feed outside of stress testing and if they die they die. The ones that live I do the smell test to match terpene profiles. Then i test cannabinoid levels with the tCheck and choose mommy and daddy.

Keeps my fem cultivars hardy af but dear lord do I run through a lot of soil. :joy:

These are all important reasons to keep detailed grow journals though.

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That why its essential to maintain the same P seeds of the f1’s, or finding some (IBL) seeds which can be hard to do anymore

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@CkNugz I always keep at least 100 seeds of my chosen progeny lines or my P seeds as I call them too. Great minds man.

I keep IBL or true breed seeds as well. Whenever I work on a line the second I see that the traits I chose for selective breeding are becoming dominant I make sure I keep mom and dad or if fem I self the two parents to make sure i have seeds to backcross or revive the strain even years later if inbreeding depression sets in.

I try to keep a minimum of 100 seeds when I reach IBL or true breed dominance and predictability.

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