Grow light setting for autoflower

Help a smoker out…I’m a newb at this. So bare with me… Is it best to use both veg and bloom lights for autoflower or should I use just veg until plant begins to flower then use both lights? Any help would be totes magotes

Everyone is a noob. But you can pick and chose what advice you take. Less is always more with weed.
As far as the lighting, people do both ways. When I had a light with a veg and bloom switch I tried both ways. Don’t really see a ton of difference in quality or yield. If anything, running them separate may give you a little extra veg time. But autos flower when they want, so I suggest trying a run separate and another run with both and see if you can even tell.
I have sense gotten rid of any lights with separate switches and I use dimmers. I had a kingled 1000 and hated it. Replaced with ac infinity ion board and mars hydro ts2000. Absolutely love both of them.
You can always go the easiest way and just have both switches flipped while making sure your light is at the correct height.


Happy growing :fire::fire:

@Jonesy420 i hope you’re doing well!

I may be completely wrong about this and if I am someone please chime in and correct me :rofl: but I believe that both veg and bloom switches operate different light spectrums? One with more blue and one with more red diodes? I would think you’d want your auto receiving the full spectrum of light available unless you are in the seedling stage and maybe need a little more blue to promote plant growth.

But I also agree with @Snowyroads in what he’s said

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Try the veg swith for 2 weeks then both for the rest. Or just both from the start. K. I. S. S.