Green water in plant saucer

Why does the water in the plant saucer turn green? Is that bad?

Life my little sapling. You have an algae bloom. Is not terrible but like all living things it needs to feed so it will eventually rob your cultivars of nutrients.

Algae doesn’t like low ph so check you runnoff and make adjustments accordingly :wink:


Also you should empty your saucer. If you have standing water your probably over watering cannabis. It like wet to DRY.

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H2O2 ( Hydrogen peroxide) We use H2O2 to kill algae in fish tanks. Dont really know how it will affect your plants. H2O2 will almost immediately turn to water when it hits water. Never affect my plants in my tank.

You can mix a solution, usually 9 or 10 parts water…we use it to Oxygenate soil, kill bacteria in soil, cure thrips, gnats and sometimes just a general well being for your substrate

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Y’all should leave it to @Gabo to answer. He’s poetic in response. :innocent: