Grasshoppers eating my leaves

How to get rid of big grasshoppers big as you finger eating my leaves up I tried neem oil to no effect on them

are they in flower? If not…garlic oil, hot pepper spray (best)

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They do play a role in our “Ecosystem” ie: they are Prey’ for Predetor insects and birds, rodents. Attract birds, attract raccoons’, get bugs that Prey on them…,:sunglasses::call_me_hand:

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Yes flowering about 3 weeks

Spray the leaves but not the flowers with either of these
Kinda hard to get predators in there in time
You have nothing to lose…plants to gain so might as well unless you gonna fry up the hoppers (minus the legs…too crunchy), dip in chocolate…um!
I have used small cps of Camphor (not too many and not too close, does give off vapor) and the Oder repels them
THe pepper spray is probably the best. SOme use Spinosad but to me, same as neem oil…just doesn’t cut it

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Hot pepper spray I try it garlic spray didnt work