Grape Ape Hermi Seed Grow

Just planted 3 seeds today. Tap roots got a little longer that I prefer as I had to wait for a new bag of Happy Frog to arrive.

All 3 seeds are random picked from a surplus of seeds from a Hermi Grape Ape grow. I know the discussions about doing this but thought it would be a cool experiment to see if they hermi again or not and how they do overall. All 3 sprouted fast using the paper towel method. I baggie that and place in a warm dark place. 3 days was all it took. I was surprised all 3 germinated.

I plan on growing in 12/12 light start to finish also. Would expect to see flower in 8 weeks. I did this once before with good results. Should be a fun grow.


1/0 2 out of 3 are above ground. 3rd is cracking the surface.

3/0 all 3 have broke ground now. May have to help #3 removing the shell.

Day 5. 12 hrs light for the whole grow. The fast grow I flipped the light at 6 weeks. Lets see if they flower at about the same time. Probably post once a week or as things happen for a while.

All 3 are doing good. I picked the seed pod off the 3 one and it ls leafing out now.

Day 12 A week has gone by and all 3 are looking good. Just got a full water 2 days ago.