Gradual yellowing

This seems to be the problem child out of 5 plants. It has and always had a slight yellowing and I can’t figure out why? Can someone explain to me what could be the cause? They are almost 4 weeks old and I haven’t added any nutrients at all, just what’s in the fox farm ocean soil. The ph when watering is about 6.2. They’re gorilla glue autoflowers. Please advise me if you’re able to. Thanks!

yellowing from the bottom up represents Nitrogen deficiency or over watering. N is water soluble and you can rinse / flush it out of the soil. Fastest way to add N is spray on the leaves…shot glass of ammonia in a spray bottle and never when lights are on…always at dusk, night or morning
Urine turns to ammonia in 1 days and first urine of the day is the best…


Wow interesting!!! I definitely don’t think it’s over watering as I really let the soil dry out almost completely before watering. I have Bergmans plant food stage 2 called Growtime Fertilizer N19, P5, K20…should I add a small portion of that or just spray ammonia like you said? Question…I can just spray a little straight up ammonia on plants??? Why is it only on that one plant I wonder, its crazy. Thanks alot for your help

Even twins have different characteristics.

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I personally wouldn’t. She’s not too bad off, I don’t think there’s any need to panic. She’s getting hungry, and you’re listening. Get her some food and she’ll be fine.


do not spry undiluted ammonia on plants…water down shot glass to quart of water, never spray in light, it will burn them. Only 2 days for N to absorb through leaves compared to a week through the roots…Substrate still needs N…