Gorilla glue leaf issue?

I’m very new here and never grew anything at all. This is what I have so far…its an autoflower, temperature is about 75, humidity is roughly 45%-60%, oscillating fan DOES blow the leaves a fair amount, I started the seedlings with my hydromars tsw2000 300watt led light on full power for the first full week of life but now it’s on 65% power. I believe I have good ventilation. I was watering with spring water which was about 7.3 ph I just watered 2 nights ago with 6.2 ph water. I’m using fox farm ocean soil and have NOT added any nutrients. I noticed a weirdness on a leaf, should I be worried?

Hi Dan, welcome. Could you possibly take a pic of the underside of the “problem” leaf? Plant looks very healthy otherwise. Happy growing! Edit: is she 3/4 weeks old?


are you talking about the lighter edges of the larger leaf?

Yes actually, I was going to take a picture of the underside of the leaf this evening.

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i have seen this on other gorilla glue, & also on a silver haze, i have not seen it cause any issues, like maybe just a genetic trait…there is a tobacco mosaic virus that can look similar, but i dont think thats what it is. im a fairly new grower but i have seen this discoloration…

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Welcome to the forum @Marijuana_dan !

It looks like you might have a bit of nutrient burn. I’ve heard from several different people that the FFOF soil has been too “hot” lately. I don’t use it myself though, so that’s just some hearsay.

It could also be wind burn, if your fan is too close. The leaves should flutter a bit, but it should t be so powerful that it bends the stem.

Yea I grew about 15 gorilla glue autos last year and its definitely common for the strain. Not something to be worried about its usually just the second and third set of leaves n after that it disappeared. Looking good, I normally plant autos in their forever pots originally just cause some don’t take transplanting to well but I can personally tell you that I did resilience test on this strain and its definitely a hardy strain…I tortured them
In every sort of way from snapping branches to topping, over defoliation, under watering, and even light inconsistencies and they did just fine. Good luck and have fun. I got some pictures in “how to grow gorilla glue #4 auto” page if you wanna take a look

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I took a picture of the underside of the leaf and it looks normal to me actually but here it is. Tomorrow I’m going to lessen the amount of wind the plants are getting and I won’t feed it any nutrients yet because I’ve also heard fox ocean is full of nutrients.

Hey thanks alot. I’m going to put a screen in front of my oscillating fan tomorrow to disperse the wind of the fan. As far as fox farm is concerned I just won’t add nutrients, at least for another 2 weeks…I guess!

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They look healthy enough to outgrow it, whatever it is. :+1:

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Hey thanks alot and really I appreciate it. I’ve got 5 growing right now, I “think” so far so good. I put them right in their forever pots and only watered them twice now in 16 days. I’m definitely not over watering haha. I’ve watched many YouTube videos!! I did add a little water when I planted them so actually 3 times. Question for you, or anyone, I have my inline duct fan on now so the tent sucks in just a little bit. The spent air is directed outside and fresh air is going into the tent. Should I ever turn off the fan?

How much do you enjoy the smell of your crops? :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

You want good air exchange in the tent to make sure the plants have plenty of CO2. I run mine 24/7.

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Mines always on as well

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fresh air in the bottom, stale air out the top…this way fresh CO2 (heavier than air) is at the right place for the plant/s
A little negative pressure is ok…just watch the temps and Rh

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