Gorilla glue auto update number 2

So my auto has grown to be an amazing height with multiple bud sites. All I did was top and then everything just began to stretch. By the size of the calaxes now with just the pre flowers I can tell the buds will be fat. The calaxes are so swoll I will take a pic later. I do have some leaf yellowing starting at the bottom but on 1 or 2 leafs so the fade has began. The question I have is should I top dress with my gain green all purpose right now. I started in ffof and waited a month then top dress myself one time.im just curious if you guys think I should give it another feed. I just gave her some power bloom yesterday. It takes a week to break down so I figured by then my plant should be in full bloom. Let me know guys.


I’d use the Gaia Green bloom at this point. Less N, more PK
FFOF is hot, and the extra N isnt probably needed at this point in her life.

She’s an athlete!

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Yes,as above,FFOF is hot out of the bag, but it does benefit from amending as it gets depleted. In terms of dosages, again repeat8ng. FFFOF is hot, so go easy on the nutes. I’d start with about half the recommended dose and feed from about day 25 above ground.

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So I should top dress again after the month wait of not feeding I did my first top dress of all purpose. Even tho it takes it 2 weeks to break down do you think it’s worth it.