Gorilla glue and haze xl

seed in soil 12/7/22 11:30 pm
gg came up in 2 days .haze poped 12 hrs later


Nice your on your way welcome :yin_yang:

Sounds like you have a good selection of cultivars going there. Good luck, and remember, don’t overwater. In most things, less is usually more.

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well as of my last post, unfortunately they did not fare well. a combination of problems did them in.
I decided to step back, regroup. 3rd attempt. started 4 more …
ended up with one almost ready to harvest.

I am also working with 4 GG plants about 3 weeks old. All look good. Have them outside in 3 gallon nursery pots.
I chose the GG as it was the highest as far as THC content.
They are in a very good potting mixture and I am being very careful to not over water. I did add some Milorganite fert to the soil when I transplanted them into it. It’s a nitrogen fert, very safe and it’s organic. But slow to release. And the soil has fert in it from the manufacturer.
I know this is not recommended but I have excellent results using Milorganite with other plants. Not much I can do now anyway.
I will try a new strain next time.
What should I expect from the GG strain?

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I liked the Gorilla Glue was easy to grow and clone: hit hard very sticky buds: accept LST and other training well, tolerant of heat better than other genetics. Grew well here in the Tropics

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I just noticed today my 9" GG autotflowers are starting to flower. They are less than 5 weeks old. One is half that size.
There has not been enough time to vegetate properly. I see a tiny yield if any.
Will these plants continue to vegetate with what appears to be flowering to me.
They have been outside in full sun every day for 12 hours a day.

With auto when they flip there is no turning back! No matter the light schedule they will continue to flower.

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