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Today marks day 40 for this pair of GG’s. I’m sure something is off with them but I am making changes to my growing method over time to find a comfortable regular simple method to use for small personal home grow only…not mega bushes…lol.

On this grow I switched from MG to FFOF potting soil. Instead of plastic pots I chose grow bags and went with bottom watering only. The bags were loaded with 3 inches of clay balls, then soil on top…placed in 2 inch deep watering trays and have been bottom watered in the tray only - no top watering at all. Always ph between 6 and 6.5 somewhere ( cheap Amazon ph meter - which I suspect is a pos and is going to be replaced with a pro ph meter )

Bottom watering really cut down on fungus gnats but created a new problem - green algae from the light hitting the fill tray. Caught it early but now its just another thing I dont want to have to worry about all the time so I purchased the AC Infinity self watering bag bases to hopefully fix the algae problem and will use them in next grow along with again a new potting medium…havent decided yet.

As far as lights I have 2 Viparspectra P-2000s for my 4x4 tent with a 6 inch vent system. I know the lights are budget but I think I should be able to coax a few ounces out of my plants with them… Other than that all seemed well until now…

These GG’s from Growers Choice have a 55 to 65 day finish. At day 40 they are now looking a bit off to me. Actually I have only added nutes one time since they were looking great and didnt show signs of needing any. Im kind of afraid to add any more nutes at this point as they should be ready for harvest in a few weeks or so - but they sure dont look like it right now. Any short term fix I can do to finish this grow or should I just ride it out ? :grinning:

** Cant seem to post pics right now…will post shortly I hope…lol

With out a pic, i would say its possible the plant has used the available nutes that were in the soil. I would let it ride as you said its late now to be adding nutes: :yin_yang:

A picture for sure would help, I am assuming these are autoflower? Or are they photo? There is nothing wrong with feeding them…I used FFOF for probably the first 6 or 8 months of growing. The soil tends to run out of nutes after about 30 days or so, though it also depends on the size of your pots. I don’t think you mentioned the size containers.
I feed up until harvest time and have no problems whatsoever with taste/smell/etc. In fact it is stupid to rob your plants of nutrients the last couple of weeks because you are only hurting your overall result imho. But figure out what works for you.
Also, side note, Blue Lab makes an awesome Ph meter as well as a soil ph meter depending on your budget. The ph water meter is like 80 I think and the soil is like 180. I have both and have been using them for over 2 years and they are still working fantastic. Happy Growing!

Don’t leave ya water in ya pots as soon as there Dunn clean it up should be helpful

Sorry…could post pics yesterday…

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Looks like a nitrogen deficiency to me…I could be off but that is what it looks like to me.