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Man I have humidity issues… please advise…lol


Bro, im a newbie myself. I dont have the information you seek. But I’ve found that if you create a topic and ask your question, the good people of this forum won’t hesitate to help. Happy growing my friend.

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If you have too much humidity but not a lot of cash to buy a dehumidifier there’s an easy method using two 5 gallon buckets and a bag of rock salt wrapped in cheese cloth.

Not enough humidity there’s an easy method just using a towel, a bowl of water, a fan, and a hanger.

Which one do you need?


I need to lower humidity… I’m gonna give this a try! Thanks

If you have humidity issues from watering take all dry topsoil from your plants your going to water and set it aside in a bucket or something to hold it in for a few minutes. Water your plants like you normally would. When water has been absorbed by your medium(soil,coco,etc…) Put the dry soil back in your plants container on top covering the wet soil. Push down just a lil bit to compact the soil to make a barrier so your humidity stays in the container. Did this just the other nite. :metal:

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Weedporn at it’s finest

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