Gnats in my plants

OMG. I have my first flower growing!!! Thank you all and I’ll post better pics of my new babies as soon as they get a little bigger. I can’t believe how thrilling it is to see that today. I’ll probably pass out before I can even smoke some when it’s ready😍marijuana love

Laura, when you send a pic, turn off the burple…It is hard to really see when lights affect the photos

I’ll take a pic tomorrow with no lights just sunlight. They are already dark for the night 12 hr shift…:heart:

These are better pics. I’m still so excited !!!

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I was looking at my plant and just want a second opinion that these are not male plants . Now I see some little globes. I’m praying they are not male appendages.

Crying won’t help you and Praying won’t do you no good…

sorry Laura, its a boy

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Darn… they are out of the grow tent and out to the yard. They only had a flower look For two days . Please tell me my other plants might be saved… I hate to have to learn things the freaking hard way. I have 3 plants from my dispensary challah rose and they didn’t come from here. I have 5 other plants in my tent all are smaller with no signs of flower yet. Can they be saved ? Please say yes

if there are no flowers, there was nothing to pollinate…spray them down with a mist bottle with distilled water. SPray at dark, not before the lights go on. If outside, early morning or sunset

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Thanks mike I feel like I can breathe now. I was hoping I did not ruin my whole grow. I’m on pins and needles with my first grow. I have never seen plants grow and the different stages. I bought all feminized seeds from homegrown but then picked up some seeds from a local dispensary here in Santa Fe and wanted some plants that were acclimated to the area and altitude. My mistake… I knew to check my plants for male globes and I’m glad I kept my eyes open. I will stick with my seeds from homegrown from now on♥️

I have had this experience years ago they breed in standing water my came in from a small mud puddle that was holding a bit of water flew in the window. I am a very experienced grower they were the hardest pest to get rid of once they get established. If U dig deeper U may even see the larvae tiny little worms. I agree with all that has been suggested to U put a potato cut long like a French fry insert it into the dirt and it will attract both larvae and adults leave it for a day pull it out observe this will give you an idea on how infested they are its pretty interesting kind of gross.
Here’s something esle pests do not like coffee grounds so sprinkle some in your dirt its also full of nitrogen so the plant loves it pests hate it. Give that a try I wish you luck

Thanks Sharon … I’m a disabled nurse so nothing grosses me out. I like the potato idea. I would find it cool to see if I have pests in that way. :heart:

Just a heads up…Any seed can be a male…us guys have a way of just getting into s__t…its a gender thing :crazy_face:
Just because you get your seeds from a reputable seed bank doesn’t guarantee them. That is why they have the guarantee program to replace / refund if certain % fails to germinate
Many of us trade seeds with each other. When I buy from HGCC, I NEVER get just 4 or 8 seeds. I won’t pay that much for seeds so I buy the larger amounts and usually time it with a promotion so I get like 2 for or buy 1 get one…Do not be afraid to reach out

I’ll keep checking my tent but I think only one of the three is a male plant. Should I just keep all three dispensary seed plants out of my tent to be sure? The two have no little balls on them. The one now has what looks like soft green seeds around the top branches. I thought the appendages showed up on the bottom branches … I learn everyday from you guys. It’s like my mind and heart have been restimulated. I grow now because I am a nurse and had an accident on black ice and got a spinal cord injury and in a wheelchair that keeps me in pain and spasm 24/7. Someone finally talked me into trying medical marijuana and edibles and it helps me at least sleep 2-3 hours at a time. So we all know here that dispensary’s are super expensive so I made so edibles myself and life was good. It’s expensive to make canna oil and butter so here I sit trying not to mess up my medicine and grow happy plants. Hugs for all your help mike. Laura♥️

Unless you want seeds on all your other plants, get rid of the male. Like bee’s, ain’t much good for nothing except pollinating the girls.
Unless you happen to be in the hemp business, keep him somewhere else…or kill em! :anchor: