Girls or dead to me?

These little ones have made it to week 8/9 just fine… but I’m just seeing bud pods…or balls?
Jamaican Kush photos
jamaican kush

BOYZ to men…clip them to make sure but TRIME TO KEEP AN OPEN EYE as the pollen can SPREAD EVERYWHERE…WASH YOUR HANDS /TOOLS
Spray things down with water (or my solution) as water kills pollen

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Thanks Mike
I know they are… was really hoping the community would say a prayer and talk me into it being a girl😉
Now… I will have to slay him lol. It does open valuable room in my starter tent though.

Man, that happened to one of my girls this summer too. Hope you have other plants.!

Get it away from any other girls.


Actually I have a full auto tent and an overfull photo tent so it wasn’t the worst thing that could happen lol. Unless it’s shared some boy pollen already but it doesn’t appear to have and I’ve washed down the tent and plants now. Wait and see I guess.
I’m the meantime… the other four girls can breath now.

hey my question to you Mike is, when you spray the water will it move around the pollen and #2 when it dries out will it still be potent enough to incubate some baby g’s.

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water pretty much kills pollen…without harming plants. There are other more destructive methods but I would not want that in my grow area
As long as pollen gets wet, it should be neutralized. Add dish-soap as a wetting agent. That is why I recommended my solution, the wetting part is built in. Some say 3 days but as long as the MALE flowers are gone, I have only had positive results in killing pollen. Indoors it is important to spray everything, everywhere, including intake / exhaust tubes / fans, equipment, clothes (wash them). Pollen is microcroscopic in its nature so gotta make sure yo get it all if they bloomed