Giant Fan Leaves!

Does anyone else get giant fan leaves on their plants during veg?


@sc13oldie i call those Catchers Mits. oh yeah had a million of 'em :grinning: the nutes eating suckers

They do pull alot of energy. Its funny cause when I finally pull those giant leaves the branches just take off

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@sc13oldie i only use 18 hours of light. i trim real hard always have. the night of the morning i remove all those Catchers Mit fan leaves i never notice any stunt. seems the plants are in a way relieved and in their 6 hours of dark shoot out ahead of where they would have been. Reminds me of granny switch whipping the tomato plants for more bud spots :grin:

Yup, those are definitely some big fan leaves. They do require a lot of nutes, but they also provide the plant with food and energy. The older they get the less efficient they’re at producing what the plant needs so I trim them when they start to show a little degradation. Thanks for sharing with us :sunglasses:


@Philly111 i trim hard

@DollarBill nice, I like it :fire::fire::fire:

@Philly111 i learned to Trim Hard in the 70’s when me and my team back then moved indoors over very special seeds we had aquired. it wasn’t very hard to see that even with vapor lights Huge Leaves slowed a grow down. they also are camoflauge against pest and actually by hiding buds from light cut down on pest attracting. with the leaves removed i am in control to make some sticky bud

Here’s one a GG #4 Fem. at 11 weeks old at last grow

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No<-- Fan Leaves Ever Touch That Long :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: and i think i need applause for my Cure Job.


@DollarBill :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:

@sc13oldie Never Mind :rocket: think i’ll just go do a puff :rofl:


@DollarBill Nothing but love for you brotha :seedling:

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@sc13oldie at christmas when my wifes family comes in (every dang year) :grinning: i do a lot of puffs just so i at least ACT
lovie dovie.

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i just showed my wife that, she said, i knew it was an act

@sc13oldie @Philly111 Fan Leaves? :slight_smile:

6 or 7 maybe 7 1/2 Weeks in winter who cares. :flushed: Honey bring my calendar :smiley: what Get it myself :smirk: i’m no lazy bum and Now i have to ruin a good tent and butcher it for Bugs my beautiful wife caused


Big fan leaves means your plant loves the environment… they are growing larger to try and sweat/transpire… try to lower your humidity or rh° it may help you out a bit my friend… happy growing!:sunglasses:

I’m a new grower, second crop nearing maturity. First crop I nipped fan leaves pretty ruthlessly, following the advice of those who said they inhibited bud growth. The yield was underwhelming, though quality is good.
Second crop, exact same set up, same seeds, and I had big fan leaves and lots of them. I only plucked some that were below the screen, and not even all of them. Otherwise I’ve left them to grow. Once in flower, I noticed fan leaves yellowing either from sunburn or terpine induced ripening. As the leaves age, I let the plant reabsorb the nutes from them. Though it’s not harvest time yet, I’m seeing very nice flowers that are absolutely going to yield a lot better than last time. Ever see yellow and orange and red maple trees in the fall? The trees suck those nutes back up during sugar production. When they’re no longer of use, they fall off.

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