Getting some bad looking leaves?

Have a couple of my plants with some leaves doing this?

Using FF OF with molasses in the water at 3 ml gallon. Plants are 3 weeks since transplant. About 1 month old. I have been using vinegar to drop my ph from 7.1 to about 6.5 to water. Temps are in mid to upper 70s but i cant keep humanity above 40%.


How far away is the light? Looks like there might be a little light heat stress and mild nute burn


When using ocean forest its a common practice to mix 70/30 OF TO HF. Next time use just water only a few times before adding nutes again and try to keep it about half strength of the recommended ml per gal. I usually only use about 1 to 2 ml BSM. per gal.


Leaves are raised a little and very green. Points to nutrients as does edge browning but not necessarily burn…Burn starts at TIPS and then leaves yellow. Watch the Nitrogen and Magnesium. 3ml a gallon is a little high for Molasses when you already have nutrient rich soil. Vinegar is fine for Ph, temps are good and as far as Rh, add some water pails, towels or get one of those cheap Articair coolers. Great for adding little Rh. If Rh is a constant issue, then move over to reptile habitat humidifier. You can control Rh levels with those

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@Jared that looks like both nitrogen and phosphorus excess. Flushing isn’t necessary as FFOF is a hot soil and as soon as the plant starts needing more the leaves will lighten and the crispy edges from the phosphorus excess will not show up in the new growth. It will be slightly stunted until then but an extra week or two of veg will put you right back on track.

I personally use 30% coco coir if I’m using FFOF just to cut it a little and it fixes the early veg nutrient excess issues.

As far as the molasses it has an average NPK of 1-0-5 and is loaded with micros. 3 ml is just barely over 1/2 tsp so you should be ok there.


I was afraid of something like that my CBD AC/DC and my Gelato plants show nute burn. I will look into getting some coco coir for the next batch. Thanks so much for the advice.

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32 in to 38 in depending on plant.

I have already been through 2 100$ humidifiers but they both quit. Trying to find a used swamp cooler to set up inside the room. Hopeing paired with a humidity controler that will fix the RH problem.

How big is the room? Are you the one with the 600’ room?

Yes 600 sq ft. And 10 ft ceilings.

For $30 you might consider
I have been using it for about a month now. I fill daily, easy, I clean weekly, easy
Even if you had to get 2, that is still only $60 bucks…warm mist!

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Dam i like to have that 10foot monsters

Go to know. I’m trying reptile humidifier with controller for next grow.

I think either Kronic or Higigan had one during one of their last posts
It was Highigan on an automated tent

at 3:18 in he tells about his 4liter hummy for reptiles. I am sure he will gladly tell us the exact and maybe even a link for where he gets it…All we have to do is ask him, he is a good dude