Getting Rid of Algae

How do I get rid of the green algae in the soil?

Hi Sandi…To get “RID” (as in remove) algae from soil, there are 2 common methods. 1 is Sprinkle a little cinnamon on the algae . Cinnamon is a natural repellent and can help stop the spread of algae , preventing it from blooming and absorbing all the nutrients needed for your plant.
2. Take a damp paper towel and gently scrape off the surface of the soil where the algae are growing.
To “PREVENT” algae from growing on your soil, you need to balance the environment. If the AIR is as MOIST as the soil, you get algae. It is usually a sign of overwatering or too much humidity, like when we start seedlings under a dome. Once we have sprouted, we commonly add a fan for air circulation. It helps but we need to watch the Rh and how much we water, that is first line of defense

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@sweetnsassy there are a number of ways to kill algae in the soil. In my personal experience apple cider vinegar treatments or copper treatments work the best.

With apple cider vinegar you just add 1 tsp per gallon with your watering or feeding and just do a light watering or feeding after the top soil dries out.

With the copper they sell a number of different copper supplements as micronutrients for cannabis but they are also fairly effective at helping prevent and control algae. Do not get the copper sulfate algaecide though. It is effective for pools and lawns but it can be harmful to cannabis plants.

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Thank You so much for your help MDBuds and Mike

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