Getting ready for next grow

Hello, from the lonestar state, I am getting ready to start another grow
But this time, I’m trying to stealth or micro grow, but I recently did a grow last year out door, and it went bad and good

Waited too long to Transplant into a bigger pot
Water too much or not enough
Had bugs Grasshoppers Caterpillar Slugs Nats and a few Spider-Mite
Also, I think I had Bud rot or to high temp
Drying and curing, I used a cardboard box and place in my Tool shed

I’m using super green lab it a brand that come with light, Exhaust Blower and a Controller that connects to the phone via app so I have six led 4x4 in and a PC fan going in a 31x32 box
The Nutrients
advanced nutrian line
Iguana juice grows, and Bloom is supposed to be the organic line

So, any tip or ticket for me to use or try
Or help with a shopping list together to get Rady for the next grow
Also any tips on growing in TX with this bipolar weather