Getting Cold - should I cover or not?

My Out grow is starting to get cold 49-63 degrees F. Was thinking of covering with a portable greenhouse. Only problem I see is the plant might be a little to and some buds will rub against the walls. Should I cover it or just let it go? Prob have 3-5 weeks left.

Man 49 is pushing it. What about dew in the morning, I’d be more concerned with that and the chance of a early frost.

And will the cover be vented? Itll get hot quick in a small green house during the day.

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Cold shock isn’t a bad thing, but I agree with @Rye about the dew. Keep a close eye on humidity and rain. That will cause mold growth. I did one outdoor grow and will never do it again just because there’s too many issues with the weather when your plants are budding. I was dragging 65 gallon potted plants in and out of my garage every night for the last four weeks because of freezing temps… Just go ahead and put your greenhouse over it. You’ll have less stress. Just keep it well vented all the time and you’ll be fine.


I grow outdoors every year. Yes there are a few buds that take weather damage but it can be managed by selecting mold resistant strains NEEM oil. It’s both a great insecticide and mild preventer. Outdoors in Oklahoma.