Geting mold webs spots in big buds. Not seeing insects though could still be. Has been very moist. Condensation from the greenhouse also

Has been a lot now on this plant. In big buds!
Any suggestions?

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Chop it before it contaminates anything else in the GH. Definitely sounds like you need more circulation on the plants. Can’t let any moisture set on the buds once they’re stacking. In a gh tough to have ideal rh in low 40s in flower so requires extra circulation for mj especially with hot temps.

There is nothing you can do for the flower with mold. Personally I would remove the whole plant rather than trying to snip moldy buds.

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Also, I would thoroughly clean my garden. With live plants in there that may not be able to come out for cleaning, I would use em5 from build a soil. I use it for foliar spray to wash plants and cleaning my tents, drain pans, etc.

Any plants that come inside from outdoors gets washed thoroughly in it. I’ve used it regularly and never had a plant react badly to it.


I have notice where these grow is where a lot of issue is. Seems like wierd growth.
I thought i had to many in the GH. I only have a solar fan. Is my only option right now.

This can also be a genetic issue depending on where you got it from…I am assuming this is an auto flower? I am an auto boss and have been growing strictly autos for the last 17 months at 2-3 plants harvested a month. All I can tell you is even the companies you buy this stuff from don’t and can’t stand behind the genetics period. It is like a box of chocolates…you never know what you are going to get. But it is certainly a fun game to play.

only my outdoor did that. i think its because they got moved during flower. Changed where the sun was.
i just wanted to know mostly if it was insects. its moisture. too much plant in a smaller greenhouse. moving them was not good also. also there is a led light outside that was shining towards. i moved it so not direct.
i think blimburn seeds is good. my issues are from me not prepping properly.

and i chopped that one this morning. seemed if not there close to peak. not really any amber witch i like to see some.

Yeap white mold better get what u can while I can

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i think its actually called grey mold. going to do more prepping next year. and Hans I already planned on auto flowers next year. gets really moist in September in NY. Going to have a bottom cover of a sort on the ground.

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Please recommend me some reputable breeders

I ended up finding a small worm. So many could of been from that. I should of sprayed bts more often. Going to for the rest of them still flowering.

Also person preaching about breaders do that somewhere else.

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Temps are 55 and lower for at least 4 days and going to 32 for outdoor. Should i cut this morning?

I am a first time grower myself and I thought that I had mold on some of my buds but it turned out to be caterpillars that were actually inside the bud and almost impossible to see as they blend in well!
thought it was mold but the stems and leaves were mold free! You DO need to destroy those brown buds and check your leaves for small yellowish eggs on the underside. If the problem turns out to be caterpillars ,
use some light netting to keep all moths and butterflies from laying eggs!