Germination questions

Hello all hope all is gravy, so I got a question. So I’m only seeing about 50 percent success rate with seed. This is my first go round with home grown seeds but I was seeing 100 percent with another supplier. Whats the perfect method of germination of seed. I did so far a gelato successfully and 2 out of 4 lemon drizzle autos. I also did 2 out four sour diesel that didn’t not pop. I ended up give away the rest with fear of no success. I may have to go back to my other supplier. I’m doing paper towel method. I even tried to soak seeds as well. But all the ones that didn’t pop turned black . What gives. I use the same method on 10 blue dreams with 100 percent success. Please help.

Contact customer service, Homegrown has a germination guarantee and should replace the dud seeds. Click link at the bottom of this post.

I have had good luck soaking the seeds in room temp water for 24 hours, then planting 1/2" deep in organic seed starting soil (low nutrients, Jiffy does fine and is cheap) in a 6 oz solo cup. Cover with a clear plastic dome (I use an old lettuce-in-a-box container from the supermarket), set on a heating pad (like for sore muscles, or a seed starting mat) and wait. I just light the new seedlings for 18 hours a day with 4 CFL Daylight 100watt equivalent bulbs.

Even two year old seeds pop just fine with this method.

Good luck! Contact customer service (not this forum) for replacement seeds. Here’s the link:

Seeds turn out to be fine , the soil inwas using was from a previous grow plus I ended up drowning seeds. Most didn’t pop. But ones that did died 5 days after sprouting .first set of leaves turned yellow and brown in 3 days. Just popped 5 more no problem. Bout to plant in soil today or tomorrow.