Germination ph?

High there, just wondering if i need to ph water for germination? i plan on using bottled spring water…

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Welcome Mike
Bottle water is fine for sprouting seeds. I use distilled and / or bottled water. I start with a 12/24 hrs soak, (I add some 3% peroxide 1/3, to sterilize seed and container) I remove the seed and place in the damp paper towel, fold, in baggie, in my closet or on top of my pc, router, switch (perfect heat). 90% of the time I am sprouting by 48hrs. I then transplant to 36/39mm peat pods, cover seeds with little peat, dome it, within a week I got things going. After 2/3 weeks I move to 3" peat cups that eventually go into their respective containers.


thanks mike, ill try that method, the small peat pot will get planted in its final 5 gallon grow bag i assume? i wont remove the seedling from the peat pot 1st…?

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The nice thing about peat pods / cups…you leave them. The roots go right through and they decompose into the substrate. Use Rockwool if you are in hydro. Another thing they do is protect the roots from HOT SOIL MIXES. Some soils (Happy Frog, Miracle Grow and some FF’s and some home mades) are a little to hot for newbies. The peat buffers and protect the roots until they can handle the soil. All they get is WATER, no need to feed anything until the they reach their final destination, even longer if you are using any living soil/s. There is no STRESS so it is great for Auto’s. Just plant them in their container. Sometimes roots like to be a little crowded to better form a root ball. This helps with that also

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Thanks, thats good advice & makes alot of sense.