Germination help

So I bought my seeds form a different company that has had to replace my last batch of seeds ($400) worth and I still have complications with the new batch they sent. All of the seeds are feminized but I’m having no luck with the germination of each of the seeds. Can someone plz help out with advice bc im about to give up

@What method of germination are you using? What will you be growing in soil, Coco, Hydroponics?

I always use the paper towel in a ziplock an place on top of the water heater
They need

Small fan to circulate the air once they stand up
So they don’t get stemitis

I order from a company named a pot for a pot and they specialize and this suburb soil that contains everything that you can think of that plants need in their soil I also follow the germination technique guide where you let them soak for 12 hours and then let him out on paper towels for 36 hours out of $400 worth of seeds which is a total of 25 seed I’ve only had two sprout. I use any advice I can get

@Hipewife87 welcome to the forum. Step one, score seeds lightly. Line match box with fine grain sand paper, put seeds in match box, and shake for about 10 seconds.

Step two, sterilize seeds. Soak seeds for 30 minutes to 1 hour in solution of water and hydrogen peroxide.

Step three, soak and “feed.” Soak seeds in mix of distilled water and liquid kelp with a splash of molasses for up to 24 hours. It replenishes glucose in the seed and gives them energy to sprout.

Step four, germinate. Put seeds in moist paper towel on plate with dome/other plate on top in a warm dark area or put seeds in coco discs in propogation dome on a propogation pad.

Step five, sit back and wait. Within 24 to 48 hours most seeds should have popped a tap root and will be ready to transfer to your seedling medium.

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This. The sterilization is important, as well as feeding the seeds. You can sprout old seeds like this. But having said that, some seeds just wont sprout.

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Put seeds in an empty pill bottle give a very gentle shake, go easy, put your beans in a warm cup of water till they sink, take a paper towel and fold once, mist seed, fold another paper towel once and place over seed mist lightly dont soak, put in a warm dark spot and keep misted not soaked, my 3 bears autoflower beans or any good auto beans should germanate in 24 hours or less and pop in 48 hours a 72 hour prosses, give a fem bean a little longer but mist your beans and only fold the paper towl once this is so the bean is wet but not soaked and can get a bit of air, and keep in cup of water till they sink.

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Yep persistence is key
Once long ago
I bought two super skunk beans
First One DOA
second one
Sprouted stood up an inch and fizzled out
…I believe the genetics are so wound up
some just do that
Bought four more $100
This was when single seed center was open
Anyone know what happen to them
Their was over 5000 strains on that one site
Great new topic how many strains are their and what do you grow?
Of the four
Got one to take and she was a gracious lady
Cloned well and stunk to high heavy
Two blocks away
Not good for the incognito folks lol
Point is persistence is key
Afghani strain I have found to be an advance strain
Finicky and sensitive to temps and nutes
Sprouting can be difficult
Once you iron out a few ladies
Make clones food for clones 450-500 ph 6.2
Label label label
Northern lights Purple haze is the widow and a quite a few other strains on the other hand are great for beginners
Tougher to cooler temperatures and gardener err
Handle more nutrients and salt buildups
These strains Are work horses
Moist not super wet and fold that paper towel so their is an aircave
beans need warmth like a warm seeding pad
A dome or Rubbermaid works wonders for seeding chamber
Add paper towel
humidor or micro climate
They need a dark period
Helps to air out maybe breath in the chamber
Use spring or distilled mineral water
Sparking is even better
Co2 water will really get them
Sprouts a crackin
I like to set in my grow when they are 3-5 mm

I’ve germinated 12 seeds from Homegrown.
I just put them directly into potting soil in solo cups and watered well. I had 100% germination rate. I did have one pop late, and grew stunted and finally died, but I grew nine to harvest, and just popped two more for my grow tent.

Nabbed from strain bank site

You put your seed in a cup of warm water till they sink, put seed on a thin paper towel mist the seed and put another thin towel over it, put another plate over the seed this will give darkness but still let air in, if needed mist the seeds not the towl that is how you drown them, i grow autoflowers a good autoflower bean will germinate in 24 hours or less and pop up in 48 it is a 72 hour prosses.