Genetics or problem

In the photo the left plant shows purple on stem to leaves…Also the way it’s growing seems different…She is 7 weeks old…The one on the right is 5 weeks old and doing good…Both are from the same seed packet which is OG KUSH autoflower…The right plant looks like a Og kush…Wondering if there is a problem with the left plant…
Cal-meg yesterday cause they needed it…

Following for knowledge. I am so far from being an expert on autos. Thought they were photos for a second. Are they revegged? Acknowledging the incorrect term that I can’t think of at the moment as my brain has been offline for a couple of days.

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If you give them cal/mag yesterday I would give them a few days see how they do

They were getting sspotty,so I Cal-meg them…I’m still wondering why the purple tinge to the left plant…Am I right in thinking that the tinge is just genetics…Also she doesn’t seem to be flowering as she should for 7 weeks…The last Og kush was harvested at 12 weeks…Photo below…I believe the Og kush to the right is on schedule for a 12 week harvest if not sooner…

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Same medium and everything? Purple would be a temp or super stress, right?

I need to stop hitting enter and finish my thought process. My apologies. I work retrograde often.

My instinct, even though I’ve only just started with autos, keeps telling me they are too hot. I’d love to hear more from others with more knowledge if I’m incorrect and open to discuss.

@Wildbill if it’s just leaves and stems with no purple/red lines down the branches or main stem it sounds like it’s just genetics.

Often times when ruderalis is bred into plants to make autos you will get ruderalis leaning traits such as red stems and leaves.

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You guys&galls are awesome…Thanks for all the input…Not just this thread, but all the threads…