General question

Has anyone ever seen plants get stuck? For some reason my seedling been getting stuck ( not growing. ) I tested this with another seed ( bag seed) both started same day. Bag popped 3 days later ,new seed popped 7 days later. After 2 weeks the bag see has really taken off , the new seed still very small . .3rd week bag seed was ready to transplant new seed still tiny. Feed new seed nutrients ( very little) and poof a week later it took off. My question is, is it normal to have to feed seedlings nutrients? I thought they didn’t need nutrients for the first 30 days? I could be wrong but its just weird to me .I grew 16 blew dreams with out any issue, so far I have only been able to grow one gelato out of 8 and none of my autos grew either, no I did use 2 different banks. Homegrown of course and the other i won’t name , not sure if its allowed but let’s call them number 2. Bad thing is all of number 2’s seeds grew no problem. I’m at a loss here :confused:.

Man, there are banks and banks. I’m racing my first auto. it took more than 15 days to germinate, even putting it in water before the wet paper. after germinated, it took 2 weeks for the stem to stop being soft, after that it started to grow like crazy. she’s from a bank I’ve always heard about, and that has a certain reputation. while my seeds in the seed bag germinate in 2…3 days this one took much longer. But after a few weeks she turned out to be genetically beautiful. I don’t have much experience, I started planting this year. but I think the delay does not disqualify the bank.

I hear ya . Its kinda of wild how it works. Will just keep trying , after 10 days if I get nothing I start all over. May be I shouldn’t throw them out lol.

I start mine in 16 oz cups in good soil,strawberry fields or ocean forest. They go outside in 7gal pots when they get about 12”and don’t need neuts till then. Autos anyway…I’m no pro but that works for me