Gelato growing asymmetrical? (Not growing in pairs)

My Gelato is about 3 weeks old and is growing differently than any I have grown. Am I wasting my time? (Low yield) or will it grow symmetrical shoots after topping? I’ve never seen this!


Currently an 18 on 6 off light cycle (first grow not running 24hrs), and about a foot and a half from the light. Temp is kept around mid-low 70’s. Still newer to growing so I am sticking to tap water when soil gets drier and spraying with liquid kelp every few days. I know it’s not the best situation but I have grown seeds to harvest this way before. Going to top, transplant, and relocate to a grow tent in a few days. Any tips are welcome!

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She’s a bit of a mutant but she looks healthy.
I wouldn’t discount her yet. I’ve had some mutants that turned out amazing.


@Wheresmyshoe when I seen this happen b4 it usually means it gonna produce more thc…:sunglasses:… yet it is small for 3 weeks. I’d like to see the update…

What size pot are you useing