Gelato clone wars

This puppies are my gelato clones


What is the purpose of having the smaller pot in the larger one?

To have them transplant ready. I have a horrible work schedule :sob: so I need to make most of time

Looks good, nice plants. I have never tried gelato yet. Nor Smoked yet either…

I guess I will have to roll into a recreation Canabis shop and get a couple of fat gelato blunts to try. Before I order some seeds. Thanks for the recommendation.

This season I am working crossing the HGC jillybean seeds back to my jillybean pheno. After I pheno hunt the seed pack. I am also trying to figure out my own Cuvée (old TGA) approximation. And lastly how to make some weeedy peaches (peach trich) if it works. That name rolls off the tongue nice.

Watch that tall one in the middle for male if you have t sexed it yet.

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you do not know what your are missing…one of the easiest, no work grows, great returns, good quality…It is like Middle of the Road…not a killer but not garbage…Daytime, nightime, anytime weed

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I did ordered some skunk#1, but lol shipping now a days

I love to grow skunk. It treats you well outside too. The only problem is you can smell it 3 blocks away even before flower. Not discreet. I have tried cat piss before too, but skunk is the smelliest I have ever came across. I don’t use it much anymore due to my wife’s often complaints to the complaint department. She handles fruity and citrus smells wafting much better.

Sorry (mike) to go on a tangent, but outdoor odor tricks if you are growing skunk. Lavender and rosemary. Rosemary is evergreen and clones easier than any plant. Just stick cut ends in dirt and forget about it. Just rough it up a lot and it will smell like a rosemary farm all week long. They can get big too like a hedge. Lavender grows easy too and it’s foliage and flowers smell lovely and help cover the canna skunk odors. Lavender also clones like a dream. I mention this because it’s always $$$ at he garden shops. I don’t know why since it clones so easy. Also it stays evergreen most places that don’t pile up the snow. Rough up the lavender foliage too, often. Smells lovely.

I plant both heavily in all the front public places around my lot. And out back too. Lavender is also a FAVORITE for bees. Cat nip too if you are thinking bees. Cat nip is by far the most popular bee plant in my yard and I never see it on bee lovers plant lists. The bees choose catnip over flowering cherry trees even. It is a Bee magnet.