Gelato Auto flower not flowering

Hey everyone! I am on day 53 with gelato auto flower and still no signs of flower. Anyone else have this issue

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Welcome to the forum @Diza !

It’s not necessarily a bad thing for it to veg out a little longer. You’ll end up with a bigger plant and a bigger harvest.

I haven’t grown autos yet but I’ve grown a lot of garden plants from seeds. Some of them like peppers will start to set flowers (which in that case I don’t want) if they start to get root bound in the current pot. I think some autos may be like that too.

Though it is possible it’s not an auto at all. From what I understand it takes some real work from the breeder to get that genetic into the seeds.

If you end up running out of space, is flipping to 12/12 an option? The plant generally doubles in size during flower.


Nice job with the training by the way.

Here’s what I’d do: that tent is basically ready for flower if they were photoperiod. They’ve filled the tent and the leaves are touching.

Watch this video on how Kyle Kushman prunes his plant for flower. Do that, and flip to 12/12.

[Edit:] Pick a lights on schedule that’s opposite your work schedule. I wish I would have done that. Made for some hectic mornings during the week.


Sometimes strains are not defined as well as we would like them to be
Gelato 33 (autoflower version of Gelato) plants will flower in approximately 8 or 9 weeks


Look at the nodes you should see 2 v shaped pistils at the nodes if you see this cut light cycle to 12 12 to induce flowering, however if your seeing vertical spikes at nodes your auto is bunk and will never flower, here is a few pics of an unknown purple pheno autoflower that refused to flower so plant was clearly female so cut cycle to 12 12 and wa- la.

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Thanks everyone! I switched light to 12/12. Just waiting and watching for the Gelato to do something. Front two plants are gelato and are a lighter green at the bud site. Not sure what I’m doing wrong here. My water is ph’d to 6.4 with CalMag and molasses mixed in. However, I bought these seeds in 2020 so maybe they’re old? Not sure if that is a contributor.

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It could be that it got put back in Vegetive mode. Did any power outages or technical issues or changes in your lighting. If so that could add 4-6 weeks. This happened to me when I had a timer failure.

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Oh I am sure you figured out your situation. I bet your happy with success in this grow.

Hi fellow grower! If it is any comfort, I think we have ALL had seeds that we bought (or found or were gifted) that we thought were autoflower seeds, heck I even had some really nice “autoflower Gold Leaf” seeds from another company (ILGM) and they turned out to be PHOTO seeds, every one of the 25, even though they were labelled “autoflower”, now either there was one heck of a mix up at the breeders and re-packagers or else I just assume that since “cannabis” is a living plant, with varied genetics, like ALL living things it can be prone to…“Weird stuff that happens to all living creatures”. :wink: In other words, I have had “Photo-period” seeds that were set at 16 daylight hours that grew from seed to harvest as an autoflower and I have had “autoflower” (ruderalis genetics) and they “duded” and needed to be treated like Photo-period seeds and Flipped onto a 12/12 schedule…(Personally I LOVE the 13 dark/11 light schedule as proposed by a few horticulturists) For me, I just find that extra hour of darkness can really make my heavy INDICA strains act nice and bulk up big time. Happy Growing, remember…It’s always FUN and always something NEW to discover! :peace_symbol: :seedling:

I’ve noticed that the gelato strain has long flowering time seems like all the ones I’ve seen on here autos and the photos

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my only grow of photo Gelato went 10 weeks and could have gone 11 but I was running low so had to harvest :cowboy_hat_face:

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