Garage grow space advice?

OK so I am new here and am also going to become a new grower once I have everything I need. The only good space I have to make into my grow area is my single stall garage. Was just wanting any and all advice from people who have experience growing in their garages. Any sort of precautions I should take. Does having the overhead garage door affect anything and what can be done with that. Is it a good idea to insulate and seal the garage. Etcetcetc…any advice is sooooooo appreciated as my passion to get up and running is burning :sweat_smile::hugs:

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I grow in my garage. Depending on your area, and how cold it gets, you may want to put styrofoam under your tent to keep the concrete from sucking warmth out of the pots and keeping the roots cold. I’m just outside Vancouver, BC, so it doesn’t really get too cold, but last year my plants stalled out from end of November until chop on Christmas day. Styrofoam under the tent is also easier on your knees crawling around your plants!
You may also want to run your lights at night so you don’t have really cold nights or hot days with lights on mid-day. I run mine 9pm on 9am off during flower, and on 6pm off noon during veg.
Your overhead door mechanism…just make sure it doesn’t hit the tent or any of the wires/cables. If you also park in there (like my wife wants to again once we make space), make sure your shut the car off before you close the door, and open the door before you start the car. Need to keep carbon monoxide out of there!
How big of a grow area are you thinking? How many plants? Any issues growing where you are (legal? limits? nosey neighbours? extreme temp or humidity swings?)? Budget?
Your light is probably going to be your most important and expensive purchase, RESEARCH lights and get forum members’ opinions BEFORE you purchase! There are a lot of “highly rated” lights out there that are just shit! Never trust amazon reviews! Trust your fellow growmies!


Wow thanks for the input. Very informative. I am in the Midwest U.S., cold winters, humid summers. I already planned on purchasing one of the a.c. infinity grow kits as they really come with everything to get started. In my state I will be able to have a max of 5 plants :unamused::unamused::unamused: but really I am just growing for my own needs and that of my family. I plan on dedicating my entire garage for a grow space/420 office but I was thinking of only using half the space for growing. Probably only gonna start small with 2 or 3 plants so that way I can learn my habits and routines and adapt to anything I run into…I’m wondering if I need to like insulate or weather seal the inside or anything and I am also nervous about pests or diseases from my overhead garage door. Thank you for the Styrofoam suggestion, I will definitely be taking that piece :hugs::raising_hand_man::raising_hand_man::call_me_hand::call_me_hand:

Sometimes these kits aren’t the best way to go, you get a bunch of mediocre equipment. AC Infinity does make good stuff, but there are better lights out there for less or same price. Make sure your tent is tall, a 48" tall tent, lose 10" for the pot, a few for you light at the top, doesn’t provide much growth for your plant, when you factor in that you have to have 12" to 18" between top of canopy and light.
You may need a heater in there if it’s not an insulated garage. Mine is insulated, we don’t get much below freezing here, and my tent can still get cold in winter.

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Noted. Thank you very much for your advice! I will Definitely be posting my progress later on when I get going! :call_me_hand::call_me_hand::raising_hand_man: