G13 Autoflower not flowering

I have 2 more G13 autoflower I planted and for some strange reason, one is not flowering. The other one has been for 2 weeks now. Any suggestions?


Do you have them on 24 hour’s light if so you can put it on 12 on 12 off


I do have them on 24 hour light. There is only one out of 6 that didnt flower. Can it flower a couple of weeks late? The plant is healthy. All the others flowered


I would put them on 18 on 6 off and it will not hurt the other’s it might put it in flower or you can put on 12 on 12 off it give the plant a rest and sleep time


I’ve never grown autos but if i did i would run 18/6 everything need rest and sleep you will see the difference in all the plants if you run it


Will start that today. I messed up last year (my first year) by overwatering. They were LSD strain. This is my second year and I chose the Autoflower which grow much faster. Looks like average 1 oz per plant. So yeah any advice would be welcome. I have 3 ready for topping now

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I grow autos and some genus can be late to flower, as much as 2 to 3 weeks
If you are going to switch the lighting, go to 12/12. If by chance you got photo seeds (happens, or even genetics going back to heritage of plant before it was autoflower…they all came from photoperiod plants), the FLIP will kick off flowering in about a week to 2 (later, rather than earlier). Once they flower / start to flower, go back to 20/4. Rest does them good even though they can handle 24 lights on. If the plants are photos, they will revert from flower back to veg. You will see funky new growth if it reverts and you know it is not autoflower


It should flower it could just be slower than the others. I can grow 4- 6 autos of the same strain and they all are different in some way. You have to work with each plant individually. You will find they all have different needs and react to things differently. They are different than photos in that they grow so fast you have to react quicker to keepvthem happy


I grow Auto’s exclusively. Changing the light cycle won’t have much effect. The text book meaning of “Autoflower” means the plant does not respond to changes in photoperiod and induces flowering hormones based on time and root structure. So you can change your lighting cycle all you want but her flowering hormones will unfortunately be blind to this change.

If your one plant has not started to flower than it just has some more time to grow before she’ll flip herself. Something may have happened to stunt her growth and make her lag behind her sisters, her pot may be deeper than the others and it’s taking more time for the roots to hit the bottom of the container, or this particular phenotype of your autoflower strain just has a longer veg cycle.

Honestly, if she’s taking longer to flower it’s a blessing. That’s more time for you to LST and bring more flower tops to the top of the canopy. With Autos the issue is far often flowering too early.


good definition but sometimes seeds do get mixed up. If you flip and they flower, just proves it is a photo and not an auto


It can be behind a.little with autos/24/7 light is needed.to get the most outtw them I’d give her another week check for pistols