G13 auto outside grow 1st time

Here are pics of my first outside grow. HGC G13 auto. The yeild specs say up to 1000 grams per plant. Sorry but I just do not believe that. However at six weeks she is a beast.


looks like its gettin heavy john…nice job!


Thank you sir. We will see if it makes it. This is a hard area to grow outdoors. Way humid

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What a beauty! Insert more words.

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im in upstate ny, its been 100% for about 80% of the time last 4 weeks, everything is hot n soggy…struggling with bugs & mildew here…

Here in Mo it is always humid. We live between the Missouri and Mississippi rivers. When I transplanted the g13 auto outside it stormed everyday for at least a week so I feel fortunate the girl made it this far. We shall see. At least I know I can transplant autos successfully. Thanks for your kind words.

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I have moved my g13 girls inside because just too much rain. About a week from harvest